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Most private primary schools make selective secondary or grammar school exam (11 Plus) preparation part of their curriculum, while state schools do not go out of their way to help children to this end as a matter of policy.

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LPF Learning
is your one stop portal, for  answers to all your questions about the Selective school entry procedures and
11 Plus exams.

At LPF Learning, you are one click away from useful links, 11 Plus FAQ, forum, articles about eleven plus facts, statistics and rules of admission into selective and grammar schools.

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to discover how you can create a Level Playing Field for your loved ones in their bid for admission into the higher echelons of academic success?

Practice papers with revision tips


Here you can also obtain practice papers and revision notes that will guide you through the process of preparing your child for the actual entry tests that only allow one attempt for success.


Papers are designed to help boost children’s self confidence,
markedly improve their chances of success and familiarise
them with the topics of the early secondary school learning.


These papers cover all the question categories of the actual
selective school entry tests.

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