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I have been involved in tuition for many years on subjects like physics, maths, computer studies, accounting, languages etc during different stages of my life. Having completed my BSc degree at Nottingham University in 1975 I got involved in community and charity work with a lot of emphasis on education and training. In 1981 I started the postgraduate teachers training course at Garnett College, London. After obtaining my PGCE in 1982 I began working as a maths and science teacher at Nork Park Secondary School in Surrey. Soon after becoming the head of physics department I had to leave the full time teaching profession due to other commitments in voluntary community and charity work which was dear to my heart. Since then I have worked in various professions to earn my living while continuing my tuition work on part time basis. My involvement in the 11+ dates back a mere 5 years.
I have an 11-year-old daughter who secured a place in Westcliff High School, which was her first choice. My daughter has been attending a local primary school that refused to cater for the needs of the 11+ exams as a matter of policy.

Now, having bored you with my personal resume, I'll get back to the intended subject.

In this introductory article, I will cover some general points of the 11+ experience under three headings:

11+ Facts and Figures

Having been involved in 11+ tuition for many years, I have decided to start this web site with the hope of not only providing useful information about the less readily understood aspects of this intriguing phenomenon, but also to create a platform where parents can access insight into the methodology and tools of preparing their children for the 11 Plus Exams.

Before I continue on this tread, let me tell you a little about my background.


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