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We would welcome your remarks and suggestions about the content and design of this site. Your thoughts on how best to promote this platform with a view towards achieving our goals will also be greatly appreciated.


Please fill in the form on the left with your comments. We promise  to take on board all good ideas to ensure your kind efforts will not be in vain.


However, the implementation of the selected ideas may take a little time. So, please be patient.

* Please note, except for the Promotions & Marketing option,  these positions are on voluntary basis and by invitation only on the discretion of the Selection Panel. Promotions & Marketing is for the sale and distribution of the LPF Learning’s practice papers, offering 25% of the selling prices as commission.

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Hoping that you would wish to be directly involved in the decision making process to influence the further development of the policies and corporate culture of this enterprise, we have devised an Expression of Interest form.


Please take a moment to study the options and fill in the form on the right with your details and choices.



1- Panel Selection

Selection Panel
Selection Panel is made of 6 members chosen from amongst most suitable candidates. Panel is responsible for the appropriate selection of helpers for Content Management, Supervision and Technical Development tasks from amongst interested parties.

2- Technical Development

Technical Development
If you would like to help us further improve the design elements of our site or participate in the enrichment of the technical and interactive content, please check this option on the Expression of Interest from on the left.

3- Content Management

Content Management
We take great care to choose and organise the content to ensure our visitors get the best out of this site. Your direct involvement in content management would be appreciated. If you can help in any way please check this option in the form.

4- Promotions & Marketing*

Promotions & Marketing
If you would like to help us market and promote our 11 Plus Practice papers and earn 25% of the sales value in the process, please check this option in the form.

5- Supervision

We unreservedly adhere to the principles of code of conduct and web etiquette. Supervision and moderation of the forum groups is another vital task to ensure the total integrity of the site. If you feel the same way and would like to join our team of moderators, please check this option.


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