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society for the society”. The foundation of handicraft centres, vocational institutes, schools, and universities followed.


In the modern day society, learning is the single, most important catalyst for progress, self-esteem, health, wealth, hegemony, jealousy, oppression, beauty, culture, war and everything else good and bad under the sun.


It will be the driving force for the human race to realise its boundless potential and finally arrive at the perfect society it deserves.

Since the very beginning, education, in one form or another, has always been the integral part of human existence.


In primitive society, hunting skills were passed on to the younger members. Stone age men shared their sheltering, tool making, and cooking knowledge with the fellow dwellers. Only collective know-how of cultivating the land, tending the young and the animals, fishing, healing practices and clothing ensured the survival of the populace.


When the invention of new hunting tools and discovery of more sophisticated gathering methods began changing the social fabric of the society, these skills became the heritage of the bearers and were transferred down the generations to maintain the privileged status of the close family.


Following the development of written languages, education became the responsibility of the learned few “chosen by the

Learning is the driving force for the human race


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