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Online Assessment Test

This is a preliminary 11 Plus assessment test covering three subject areas.
English, Maths and Verbal reasoning.


This test is designed to assess the overall ability of 9-10 year old children in accordance with 11 Plus exam criteria for most 11 Plus regions.


After completion of these 11 Plus papers you will see the individual scores for each subject and an overall score for the whole test with a click of a button, as well as the correct answers for the questions either not answered of wrongly answered...


You will also receive instant feedback for parents, with recommendations customised to the circumstances of each exam sitter on the merits of the answers relative to subject areas, question categories and proximity to the exam date.

What Happens After the Test?
In addition to parent’s feedback, you will also receive a customised report for the 11 Plus papers you have completed, which will summarise subject specific exam methodology recommendations to help you improve your
test tackling and time management skills.

Please study these carefully with your parent’s help for a day or two and come back and take a second (follow-on) test to see the difference. The second set of 11 Plus papers will be of similar difficulty level and is designed to make you realise how applying better exam handling and time management techniques can improve your scores.

Gaining appropriate 11 Plus exam management skills, could prove to be vital when you eventually go on to take the actual 11 Plus papers. Even a few percentage points gained could make all the difference between success and failure. And the earlier you get into the habit the better. Now click the continue button to access the registration page.

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