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11 Plus Learning Mock Exams

When do these Mock Exams take place?

Every year the mock exams are scheduled for the last three months before the actual 11+ Exams. Until this year, Essex 11 Plus Exams were used to be held on the third Saturday of November. Due to a new statutory Admissions Code, they will now be held in the third Saturday of September starting this year (2012). Therefore our mock exams are brought back by two months. There will now be one Mock Exam for each of the months of July, August and September. Here are the dates for 2012 mock exams:


Mock 1: 15 July 2012,        Mock 2: 12 August 2012,       Mock 3: 9 September 20122

Please arrive at the venue before 2:30pm to sign your child in for all three mock exams. The exams will commence at 2:40pm sharp and end at 5:15 pm. You must collect your child not later than 5:25pm.


The venue has not changed:

Galleywood Heritage Centre,
The Common,
Off Margaretting Road,
Essex, CM2 8TR

How would these exams benefit my child?

Firstly, these Mocks are conducted under exam conditions comparable to the actual exams. The actual exam will feel nothing like the practice sessions or even mocks done in the familiar circumstances and comfort of your home. Many years of first hand experience convinced us without any doubt how invaluable the benefits of expertly prepared and correctly organised mocks can be. Furthermore we keep a very keen eye on the premeditated philosophy behind the 11 Plus selection phenomenon, which shapes the question techniques and logic of the actual exam papers.
Second, soon after each month's exam you will have the opportunity of attending our one-to-one parents' consultation meeting, where we will discuss not only the results, but also recommendations and methods of further improving your child's scores. You will also receive our e-mail report containing your child's detailed scores, correct answers, parent's feedback and things to do before the following month's mock exam. (You are free to select any or all of the mock tests on offer any time 48 hours prior to the corresponding Mock date.)

How do I book a place for my child?

Enrolling for our mock tests is fairly easy. You must first decide whether you want to book for one or all three dates, as you will be entitled to a discount if you book all three. Then, go to our Mock Exams Booking page and follow the on screen instructions. You can access the booking page by clicking here or from the mock exams section on our services page. Whichever option(s) you chose, you will be given the chance to review your choices at each step. You will also receive e-mail confirmations for your bookings. Watch out for the discount offers on the booking page.


Pricess: £60 per mock or £130 if you book all three

What are the procedures for sitting the tests?

Please read this section carefully.

You can book these mocks online and secure your place any time 48 hours prior to the corresponding Mock date. Again you have the option to select any or all three months' tests. Once your firm booking is complete, you will receive an automated e-mail with the confirmation and booking details.

You can cancel your firm bookings any time 72 hours prior to the mock date, but there will be a 20% surcharge for cancellations.

IMPORTANT Regulations and Recommendations

Certain criteria and code of conduct regulations apply to the Mock Exams to be held at the stated venue. These will be emailed to you once you complete your payment transaction through PayPal.

Standard national examination rules strictly apply. Failing to observe the rules of conduct will not be tolerated and may even result in disqualification or exclusion from the exams.
When you receive the regulations with the confirmation of your firm booking you must read them carefully and ensure that your child understands the does and don'ts of examination etiquette.

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