Register of Interest: Essex 11+ Mock Exams

Please fill in the provisional booking form on the right and select the venue and the month from the drop down lists. There will be 3 such mocks for all three venues to be held in the first weeks of September, October and November. The details of venue and exact dates and times will be emailed to you on 01 June 2011. You can then proceed with your firm booking.


Each Mock simulates the formats and conditions of the actual Essex Exams. After each mock, a personalised report will be sent to you with an invitation to our one-to-one parents’ consultation event.

Submitting this Register of Interest Form  before
01 June 2011 will entitle you for a 10% discount.



Single Mock: £85, All three booked together: £210


Booking Form: 11+ Online Mock Papers

Please fill in the booking form on the left and select one of the months from the drop down list. There will be 3 such mocks in each of the months of  September, October and November. Each month’s mock will be available during the same month only and will not be re-offered in the following month. If you book your mock before 01 June 2001 you will get a 10% discount.


Each Mock covers all three subjects and simulates the paper formats and question categories of the past 11+ Papers for the majority of 11 Plus regions.  After each mock a full, personalised report will be emailed to you with detailed parents’ feedback and tips.



Single Mock: £24,

All three booked together: £60

11 Plus Mock Exams for 2012 Entry